OMNI Editorial CIRB Application

GOOD NEWS! We have filed our application for certification!

On Friday, March 1st, CEP Local 830M filed for union certification with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board on behalf of OMNI editorial employees.

What are the next steps?

The employer is required to post a notice from the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) informing you that your application has been submitted. The CIRB will review our application and the evidence we have submitted. Once it is determined a majority of Omni editorial workers want to be represented by the CEP, they will certify our union and we will become part of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP), one of the largest and strongest unions in Canada.
We will be members of CEP Local 830M, who currently represents all the unionized employees here at CityTV Vancouver, and OMNI BC.

Will our employer remain neutral or will they try to influence our decision?

According to the Code, an employer may not, after it receives notice of an application, alter terms and conditions of employment of employees affected by the application, unless the Board gives its consent in writing. So as not to influence the wishes of its employees, an employer must conduct “business as before” while the application is before the Board.
Employers must respect their workers’ rights to choose union representation. Pursuant to section 94 of the Code, an employer or person acting on behalf of an employer may not interfere with the formation or administration of a trade union, take disciplinary action against an employee, or otherwise discriminate against an employee for seeking to join a trade union or participate in the formation of a trade union.

It’s Your Right to belong to a union of your choice!

You can help protect your legal rights by noting any incidents where company officials or supervisors are working to spread an anti-union message. Report any such incidents to your organizing committee immediately.

Stephen Hawkins,, 604-317-2312
Jimmy Mistry,, 604-722-8592

In Solidarity,

Stephen Hawkins
Local President, CEP 830M

OMNI Editorial CIRB Notice, March 1, 2013