March 2014 Update


CRTC hearings into Rogers application to renew its broadcast licences are scheduled for Tuesday, April 8th in Gatineau, Quebec.  Hundreds of Canadians submitted their thoughts on Rogers plans through interventions of support or opposition to the CRTC last month

Unifor has asked some important questions to both the CRTC and Rogers.  What the Commission decides will affect our working lives in years to come.  We will be posting many of the intervenor comments for you to review on our local web site:

Unifor National Submission

Unifor Local 830M (CITY Vancouver & OMNI BC Unionized Members)


Unifor Local 723M (CITY Toronto & OMNI Ontario Unionized Members)

City of Vancouver, Mayor Gregor Robertson

NDP Member of Parliament, Libby Davies

NDP Members of Parliament, Andrew Cash & Don Davies

Forum for Research and Policy in Communications, Monica Auer, M.A.,LL.M.

Vancouver District Labour Council, President Joey Hartman

BC Federation of Labour President, Jim Sinclair

Worker’s Action Centre withdrawals letter of support


The CRTC has released Choicebook at:  It is a questionnaire that will guide the CRTC to the future of Canadian Television regulation. It is important for us to fill out this questionnaire in a way that shows the Commission we care about well funded local programming.

Unifor has created a guide to help you fill out the questionnaire at:

Contact one of the Executive Board Members if you have any questions, comments or concerns