June 2013 Update

Layoff Update

Our members continue to be impacted by Rogers decision to slash production at OMNI TV stations and its specialty services. The Union has been working closely with members who were laid off to ensure their rights under the collective agreement are upheld.

In addition, the Union is taking all steps necessary to ensure Rogers is keeping commitments made to the CRTC for the OMNI license, to meet Canadians’ strong demand for linguistic diversity and greater understanding among people with different cultural backgrounds.

New Editorial Members in OMNI

As you are aware on May 14th the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) granted the Unions’ application to represent OMNI Editorial employees. We now represent all OMNI Employees whose similar jobs are unionized at Citytv.

Work is progressing toward a full transition of these new members into our bargaining unit. We are setting a date in the near future to meet with Rogers to discuss all outstanding issues related to the collective agreement.  A membership meeting will be scheduled for the new OMNI Editorial members ahead of any meeting with Rogers

Vacation Carry Over

If you have carried over any vacation days from 2012 into 2013 –  please check your vacation allotment in My HR – and let the Union know if those vacation days remain in your vacation bank – we have learned that some members carry over vacation days were removed from My HR at the end of March.

We are working to have those carry over days restored to vacation banks – contact Carl Larsen to let us know if your vacation carry over has been impacted this way.