Do you oppose Rogers’ changes to the OMNI TV stations?

An application has been submitted to the CRTC, the federal agency that regulates the OMNI TV stations, asking the CRTC to call Rogers Broadcasting Limited to a public hearing where people can present their concerns about the program changes.

The CRTC is asking for the public’s views about this application.  If you oppose the program changes, which especially hurt local news for Canada’s multicultural communities, you can tell the CRTC, as long as the CRTC receives those comments by Monday, August 12, 2013.  The CRTC will not consider comments it receives after this date.

If filing online, follow these steps:

The CRTC has a system to let people comment online – it seems long, but is mostly a series of clicks.

It is available on this CRTC web page: Broadcasting Part 1 Applications Open for Comment


Then click on “Submit” (under 12 August 2013).  This brings you through several pages, follow the instructions.  You can either make your comments on their web site or attach a document file with your comments on it.