December 2018 Update

 Executive 2019

Stephen Hawkins has been acclaimed as President & Vivian Yu has been acclaimed as Chief Steward for another two-year term

Treasurer position is still open

Health & Safety

We would like volunteers from City News & the OMNI Group to sit on the Joint Health & Safety Committee. The Committee meets 9 times a year and all work is done on paid time

CRTC Supportive Intervention

Our Local appeared in support of Rogers recent CRTC OMNI application.  We believe the Company has the best plan to build on, however, we want to see an end to contracting out the national Chinese news to a competitor, Fairchild, and improve transparency on the use of 9-1-H funding, especially as it is used to support local programming.

CRTC Transcript 2018-127 Unifor Nov 28

Vacation Requests

Vacation carry-over can be requested for up to 5 days but must be taken by March 31.

Get those 2019 vacation requests in before the end of the year, they are assigned by seniority. The Company must inform you within 13 days if your request is denied and will not be unreasonably turned down.