August Update

Welcome new members working on OMNI’s Punjabi National News and CITY News Programs

These jobs are, in part, a result of Unifor’s advocacy for improved local programming at the CRTC and with Members of Parliament.

Check out the web site for more info on our continuing efforts:  

Contracting Out National Chinese National News

We are disappointed in Rogers decision to contract out Chinese language national news to a competitor, Fairchild Television. We feel Rogers has betrayed Unifor’s support during their 9-1-H license application.

OMNI’s Cantonese and Mandarin national news programming should be produced in-house by our members.

We are coordinating efforts to oppose Rogers short sighted decision in the strongest possible way with our brothers & sisters in Toronto as well as with multi cultural community groups.

Left unchallenged, “contracting out to the cheapest provider” will negatively impact local television news production across Canada. Executive Board Members

Stephen Hawkins, Local President,, 604-317-2312

Tanya Luciani, Vice President,

Gerald Christenson, Treasurer,

Cindy Leong, Secretary,

Tasneem Razvi, Women’s Advocate,