CEP 830M Feb 2013 Update

CEP 830Update

BC’s New Family Day

As a federally regulated industry we have to negotiate new provincial holidays into our collective agreement.  During last years negotiations we attempted to get Family Day recognized and Rogers refused our request.

This means February 11th is a regular working day.  If you want it off, you can put in a vacation request or take your floater day.

New Union Project

Details are on the web site.  New Union logo and name questionnaire: www.newunionproject.ca

Response deadline is Feb 4th.

Seniority Date Confirmation

Carl Larsen and Cindy Leong have been working with our stewards to confirm membership information, including seniority dates.  If there is a difference between your company start date and the date your steward gave you, let Cindy or Carl know ASAP, so we can have the Company correct your date.